recent presentations

[updated 1 October 2015]



2 September Roehampnton University London

7 September Presentations at ECER conference Budapest

18 September BERA Belfast

21-22 September Lillehammer, Norway

23-25 September Kristiansand, Norway




EARLI Conference Cyprus

Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven



1 June, Bristol University,UK

8-12 June Norway

15 June seminar University of Oxford, UK

18-20 June ESREA conference Ljubljana

25 June the Netherlands

29 June Tilburg, the Netherlands



8-9 May UBC Vancouver -- presentation at the symposium on the significance of study -- see here

14-16 May VIenna, Austria -- keynote presentation at the ENASTE conference -- see here

18-20 Stockholm, Sweden

21-22 Gavle, Sweden



7 April Zwolle, the Netherlands

8 April Thomas More Hogeschool, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

9 April Hogeschool Rotterdam, the Netherlands

9 April OMO Eindhoven, the Netherlands

13 April Montessori Scholengemeenschap Amsterdam

13 April, De Balie, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

16 April, Leidse Hogeschool

25 April, University of Manchester

27 April University of Brighton, UK



15 March, I responded to a wonderful paper by Walter Gershon at the Annual Conference of the Philosophy of Education Society USA (Memphis) -- my response was titled 'Good vibrations'


3 March Invited lecture on 'What is good education?' -- Flemish Ministry of Education


3 March Invited Lecture Katholieke PABO Zwolle, the Netherlands.


2 March Lezing Samenwerkende Vrije Scholen Zuid-Holland (Delft): Pedagogische ijkpunten voor het onderwijs.


23-25 February: talks in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg, Denmark


9 February: launch of the Dutch translation of The Beautiful Risk of Education at NIVOZ, the Netherlands


Biesta, G.J.J. (2015). Seminar on pragmatism and education. NAFOL, Trondheim, Norway, 27 January 2015.


Biesta, G.J.J. (2015). Masterclass ArtEZ Arnhem bij de Lectorale Rede Jeroen Lutters -- Lectoraat Kunsteducatie. 23 januari 2015 [see here]


Biesta, G.J.J. (2015). Session with INNOVO in Vaalsbroek on the question of purpose in Education. 21 January 2015.


Biesta, G.J.J. (2015). Invited conversation with Sam Crowell. Avans Hogeschool Breda, the Netherlands. "Values for a sustainable future." 15 January 2015 [see here]


Biesta, G.J.J. (2015). Goed onderwijs. Presentatie op de nieuwjaarsbijeenkomst van de Christelijke Scholengemeenschap Groningen. 8 januari 2015. [Invited presentation CSG Groningen -- 8 January 2015.]





upcoming presentations

In November I will be presenting at the Institute of Education in London, and at a meeting of Verus (the Netherlands).


In December I will be part of a feautured symposium at the AARE conference in Perth, Australia, and will give a talk in Greenwich, London.


In January 2016 I will speak at the KPC conference in Den Bosch, in Utrecht. In February I plan to visit the Bildungsacademy in the Netherlands, and will present in Copenhagen, Denmark. In March I will be presenting at a conference in London, and probably at PES in Toronto. In April I will be partiicpating in AERA, Washington. And towards the end of June I will be giving a keynote in Sydney.


Further details on these and other presentations are to follow.